The World Is Your Mirror

You know how nothing is random and everything happens for a reason, including meeting the people you do? Everyone in your experience, and every experience you have, miraculously appear and act as your mirror. How the individuals and the situations make you feel replicates something inside of you that you may or may not be aware of … yet J

When you are ready to become aware and understand the message for what it is, someone or something is showing you what needs your attention. Whether it is a belief, a behavior or a bias, what this ultimately means is that everything happening on the outside of you that is a reflection of beliefs, situations, or conflict inside of you. As you get further and further in touch with those aspects of you on the inside, as a result of outer conflict, more and more truth will continually be shown to you.

However, sometimes mirrors also show up to confirm to you that you are no longer triggered by it at all, which is the proof of the work you’ve done with yourself. When this happens, compassion will rise in you for the messenger. For, then, they would be showing you only “their” issue, which you may have a piece of enlightenment for them about. You will know you’ve been completely healed when you speak with humbleness, when the ego is silent, when is about the other not the self.

Become aware; begin to see the world as your teacher. All your lessons are there if you pay attention are open to learning. For ignorance is bliss, until it is not. Ignorance is an excuse that prevents you from taking full accountability, and prevents the spiritual path to show itself to you.

Be brave, be true to yourself and embrace what the world is showing you, as the world it truly is your greatest teachers, your most loyal partner whose only focus is you and whose only desire is your happiness.