Diamond Plan
(10 spaces) - £2,500* / person
  • Featured on our Founding Members dedicated page.
  • Lifetime complimentary membership (value £42K+).
  • Business growth opportunity.
  • Partnership with YLN**, providing speaking engagements opportunities.
  • Bespoke piece of art as a thank you.
  • Professional progress session with Mihaela Berciu*** (value £2.5k+).
  • Preview to perks and limited spaced events.
  • Immediate access to the highest tier, by invite only.
Sapphire Plan
(50 spaces) - £1,000* / person
  • Featured on our Founding Members dedicated page.
  • One year complimentary membership (value £1,2K+).
  • Lifetime 50% off your monthly membership after year 1 (value £21K+).
  • Preview to perks and limited spaced events.
  • Immediate access to the highest tier when available.
Ruby Plan
(100 spaces) - £500* / person
  • Featured on our Founding Members dedicated page.
  • 6 months complimentary membership (value £600+).
  • Lifetime 25% off your monthly membership. (value £10.5k+).
  • Immediate access to the highest tier when available.
* One Time Payment


Youth Leadership Network (YLN), is a global NGO that aims to connect young leaders, activists, and field experts to organisations and projects to create more youth participation in the 21st century.

They promote the voice of young people at international conferences and serve as a bridge between youth and decision-makers. They aim to give a voice to young leaders in the decision-making process – they are currently working with the UN in forming the Agenda 2030, and they are partners and members of the World Academy of Art and Science.


Mihaela Berciu**

Mihaela Berciu is an Architect of Leaders who creates fundamental and long-lasting change for C-Suite Executives and Business Owners, using The Core Values MatrixTM blueprint, a unique method that she developed.

Mihaela is a Leadership Breakthrough Specialist, working with and advising board members, top-level executives and entrepreneurs seeking to experience their excellence. She focuses on exploring personal and professional values, understanding aspirations, removing barriers and visualising the path to success.

Being an AmicittaTM Founding Member comes with no specific expectations attached and it is at your personal discretion how much involvement you’d like to have. And even then, the involvement is for your own personal gain, not for Amicitta’s. If your choice is to just support, you still have access to the curated content and features, as per your founding membership level chosen.

AmicittaTM‘s Founding Members are ambitious women who understand the importance of belonging to their community. In order to make the most out of your role as Founding Member, identifying with our club’s long-term goals is utterly important. Below is a Q&A to help you understand better what does your role entail:
We will be curating various types of events for our subscribing members and you are welcome to organize and host your own, should you choose to. These events can take place online or offline and they can be free or paid for.
AmicittaTM is a membership based club, no fundraise is required.
Whilst not a requirement, it is encouraged and would be appreciated if you spread the word about our club to attract subscribing members.
Our team is in charge of curating and/or creating services and resources for our members. However, as a Founding Member, you do have the option and the opportunity to put forward for approval any services and/or resources that you provide, which add value to our club and to you or your business.
Our team is in charge of managing our members’ subscriptions.
Whilst meeting is not mandatory, you are welcome to join our Founding Members events whenever you’d like to.
Meeting will be hosted in London, to begin with.