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Being part of a network of strong women is great, being able to call them friends is even better. I have conceived and built Amicitta™ as a digital private members’ club to support women achieve their ambitions. At core, Amicitta™ thrives on its tight community of women. We encourage and facilitate real connections, and create fun and premium experiences for our members.

Having a balance between your personal and professional life is key to overall success and well-being. Because of that, I have designed Amicitta™ to have the perfect balance between the two. It is at each member’s discretion how they use Amicitta™, but having said that, we, of course, encourage our members to dip their toes in all areas, it being entertainment, personal or professional progress.

Whether at the start of your professional journey, looking to explore what is out there or wanting to pass on and help others, Amicitta™ welcomes all and prides itself on having a community filled with unique individuals from all backgrounds and various industries.

Thank you for joining me on this special journey,

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